“With my father
I would watch dawn
over green fields.” 
― Kobayashi Issa

I was asked recently, why my site is in english, when I have danish clients. "Don't you shoot in Denmark anymore?" And yes I do. But not only and not only danish clients. My aim is to shoot half my weddings in Denmark og the other half abroad. Plus, I have an increasing amount of clients who come to Denmark to have a civil wedding. That's the reason and I know that all my danish clients read english. So there you have it.

Besides that, I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm not that comfortable talking about myself. So this part of the website, was finished last. Anyways - I'm a father of two little girls and they are the biggest story in my life. I live in the middle of Denmark on the island of Funen and I consider myself very lucky, that I get to do what I do.


  •  I like chocolate. I really like chocolate
  • ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Along came Polly" are two of my favorite films
  • I do not smoke any longer, but I absolutely don't mind if others do
  • Of white wines, I prefer Pinos Grit
  • I'm very fond of going to the movies alone
  • I have terrible handwriting
  • I like books, but I get very sleepy, whenever I enter a library



I strive to make pictures, that are not only timeless, but pieces of art in themselves. I want my clients to proudly hang there pictures on the wall. Every wedding, every couple is different. I love to capture the essence of the day and hate to be in the way. You won't see me running around, telling people where to stand and how to look, while I haul around light and equipment. It's just me and my cameras and aim to have an arbitrary approach, hvor everything is open and not planned ahead, expect of course the frames, I try to catch the moments, as they unfold.



I'm not for everyone. But I'm obvious for some. My clients are couples, who want to have a good time creating awesome, beautiful pictures. They are couples who are not afraid of bending the rules or have a different approach. 

They understand, that it's not only about telling the story, but just as much about having fun doing so. They know, that they want unique pictures and that getting there is an experiment - they want to have a relation to me, that is not just me being a random vendor. I become their confidant and a part of the process. Then it always becomes easy and fun to photograph them. When I have a connection to my clients, I make my best work.

Quite simply…