Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for the very beautiful pictures! They are just as we could have imagined and we are happy for each and every one. We were moved, when we saw them. So thank you; it means SO much to us. :)"



“Hi Kim.

"I just had to call. We are out for a walk, and your mail with the link ticked in and I saw the pictures. I was moved to tears, when I saw them. You caught that which is us perfectly. A thousand thanks, for a wonderful day. We are absolutely going to book you again. Now we're heading home for the couch to enjoy the pictures. I just wanted to call and let you know."



“Hi Kim.

"We want to again say thank you for some amazing pictures and a great experience.

For us it gave a very good feeling of security and trust to have a Connection Session before the actual wedding. But already before that, we had a very comfortable and relaxed conversation with you, so we felt absolutely safe.

Your calmness and professional approach and they way you guide us, when it is rime for the portraits, made us relax and be able to create the best pictures with you. We would recommend you anytime.



“Dear Kim

Thank you so much for your amazing effort creating the best memories for our fantastic day. What we love kost about the pictures, is that they really capture what is us and tell our story. We love our expression, the way it feels natural and real and not too stiff and classic. Just our spirit.

We would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone - so you can bring as much joy and happiness to others, as we have been blessed with through your wonderful pictures. It was perfect to have you there all day, from my preparations till after the wedding dance. That made everyone relax and have faith in your ability to capture the important moments, more than enough to fill an album.

We are eternal grateful for the most awesome photos. Thank you for a great collaboration." 



“Hi Kim.

After looking at at least 300 photographers website, I have now finally found what I'm looking for in your pictures!"



“JESUS F...... CHRIST, YOU'RE GOOD KIM!! Man, I'm so happy, that you are the one, who's going to photograph our wedding!!!"



“Hi Kim,

I came across your site on fb and I'm crazyly captivated by your pictures.... Being a photographer myself and shooting a lot of weddings, your angles just gets under my skin, it is truly exceptionel pictures! Congratulations on your fantastic eye." 



“Fantastic photos... have spent month finding the right photographer... 

Kim - you are the one… love your photos... FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC.”