I am working on a new project, that has the working title MOTHER. And for that I am seeking women - mothers - who would want to participate. I do not yet know the final form of the project, but I wish for it to be published in some form. The only demand I have, is that…

…you are a mother.

The female body is my focus point for creating the pictures and I work with varying degrees of anonymity for the models, that I find important. It is not a portrait of the individual, I’m interested in here, it is the body and the feeling of MOTHER, I wan’t to express. The deep sensation of Motherhood. This is where we are created, this is from where we are born.

I wish to show the mothers body, not through sexyness as a hackneyed expression, but with the natural, erotic beauty, that is the woman as mother.

If you want to be a part of the project or you want to hear more, call or write me. (Nakedness must not be an issue for you)

The practical part: the shooting will take place in my studio in Odense. We will write or talk beforehand, so you know what to expect. You are welcome to bring your man, friend, etc. You will get access to the images that I have in mind using for the project. You can use the privatly, but not make them public.

Here are two pictures from the project, just to give you an idea.