I truly believe in keeping it simple. I therefore do not offer packages. You pay for my time and I of course alway deliever the utmost, whether I’m booked for 2 hours or 15. You can find answers to the most common questions in my Q&A.

Pricing for full day weddings:
12.000,- DKK (1.600,- euro) for 6 hours
18.000,- DKK (2.400,- euro) for 12 hours
21.000,- DKK (2.800,- euro) for 15 hours

Pricing for elopements and small weddings:
6.500,- DKK (870,- euro) for 2 hours
9.000,- DKK (1.200,- euro) for 3 hours
11.000,- DKK (1.475,- euro) for 4 hours

Send me an email via my contact page and tell me what you dream off, and I will send you an offer detailed for your wedding.

Some wish me to be there for the ceremony and reception including portraits. Others want me to document everything from preparations in the morning and until late into the night, when the music is loud and people are dancing and partying.


If you have special requests or funny ideas, chances are, I’m up for it.

Write me, that’s where the magic begins…