I truly believe in keeping it simple. I therefore do not offer packages. You pay for my time and I of course alway deliver the utmost, whether I’m booked for 2 hours or 15. You can find answers to the most common questions in my Q&A.

Pricing for full day weddings begins at
1.875,- euro (14.000,- DKK) for 6 hours
and then 100,- euro (750,- DKK)
per hour thereafter.


Pricing for elopements begins at
900,- euro (6.750,- DKK) for 2 hours
and then 300,- euro (2.250,- DKK)
per hour thereafter.


If you have special requests or funny ideas, chances are, I’m up for it. Tell me about your day and I’ll be happy to send you a detailed offer.

Write me, that’s where the magic begins…