I have an ongoing project with the work title MOTHER/WOMAN. I hope at some point it can become an exhibit or a website. I am continuously looking for women - mothers - who would want to be a part of this project.

My starting point has been the woman as mother. The deep feeling of motherhood, that transcends our daily perception og ‘mother’ and reaches into the cosmic, as the very cradle of our existence. It is from the Mother we are born and come into this life. 

But The Mother is so much more. The Mother is an erotic woman, a sensual being. The Mother has in her an inherit erotic force, by being a woman and a human. A powerful urge in humans is eroticism, it defines us and sets us apart from other creatures we share this planet with. 

Eroticism is very much linked to the body. It accumulates an excitement in us, that requires a physical redemption. But our very relation to the body today is problematic, because there is an intense focus on the perfect. And unfortunately the picture of the perfect is distorted og retouched, so that no real human can recognize itself as such. And furthermore, the perfect is an absolute uninteresting objective. The perfect is a simulacrum, something that is giving the illusion of the perfect as a truth. But it isn’t. So we try to be perfect in our endeavors and we fail miserably in the attempt, ‘cause no one can be perfect. 

We must perceive ourselves for what we are. Human in good and bad. Nothing more and nothing less. The Mother is beautiful, as the woman she is, not because she is perfect, but because she is. And a part of the mothers erotic body are breast that have been feeding, skin that has been stretched, cellulite, bigger thighs or whatever the pregnancy has caused in the body. Things that women often are ashamed of and try to hide. But goddammit, it shouldn’t be hidden and be shamed, it should be celebrated. And loved. And desired.

I know it might be a long road before we actually celebrate it. And that is also not my focus here. My intent is to show the normal body, that we all have and should not feel estranged towards. The body that isn’t perfect, but beautiful. If we can look at it and not measure it against the perfect.