…let’s not let geography stand in our way...

Do you also shoot wedding videos of the day?

I’ve been getting this question increasingly lately and I feel I have to be very clear about this. I do NOT shoot video. Filming and photographing may seem to be very similar and you can even use the same tool for both. But they are two very different things. It is two different ways of thinking when you shoot and it is two different ways of telling the story. And I do not believe you can do both equally good at the same time. At least, I cannot. I would have to compromise and I do not want to do that. I take pride in what I do and I want to tell the story the best way I can. And that is photography.

That being said, I think wedding videos can be just awesome, if made right. So if you want a video made of your day, I recommend that you hire a videographer who makes great films.

Are you willing to travel?

YES! A thousand times yes. That is what I do and I love traveling and meeting new people. Often I will be in a part of the world and my clients will book me while I'm there, and sometimes I will travel to where my clients are. So if I am not where you are and you want to book me, please just ask, 'cause chances are, I can easily come to you. Sometimes I may divert from my planned shedule and go forth and back anyway. If I'm in India, I still do weddings in Norway. So let’s not let geography stand in our way...


Do you edit the images and can we have or buy the unedited?

Yes, I edit them. No, I never deliver unedited pictures. Part of what I do, is selecting the right pictures to tell your story, in the best way possible. And I am good at what I do, so the only images that do not make the cut, are duplicates and testshots.


Do we have to pay extra to own the images?

No, absolutely not. All my work includes an onlinegallery, from where you can send, share and download high-res as often as you want. The gallery will be your gallery and be online for 10 years. 


What is your turnaround?

The timeframe depends on the season and how busy I am. I usually anticipate 6-8 weeks for delivery of the finished images.


How many images do we get?

That depends somewhat on the circumstances. How much of the day am I a part of, but also the weather, plans for the day, location, etc. As a guideline, I usually shoot between 30-50 images pr. hour I am with you.


What about travel expense and accomodation?

That will vary a lot. Sometimes I will be close by and I might already have accommodations. At other times I might need to book a plane to get to you or you will have to arrange for accommodations. Quite often, if at all possible, I make do with a tent, hostel or Airbnb. These things we plan ahead and it will be a part of the whole package, so you won't get any surprises. (For bookings in Denmark, transport is included.)


How soon can we book you?

The sooner, the better! Some weddings and elopement are booked a couple of years in advance, other book me with a months notice. So even if you think you are too late, ask. It just might be...